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Will’s Baby Blessing Day

by dav.d

The family in Utah gathered for the baby blessing of little Will Green. He lives in Springville, Utah with his family of 6. He is my cousin-once-removed. That means he is my cousin’s son—members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints really know their genealogy. And baby blessings are a chance to get together as a family and celebrate.

Will's family

Will’s family

And since I am the family’s photographer I created a few family portraits. The interior of the church is a rose cloth, so not the most photogenic. But the important part is to capture the different generations of the family gathered.

The whole extended family

The whole extended family

Grandparents join the family... with one aunt

Grandparents join the family… with one aunt

Friends of the family

Friends of the family

Mom's side of the family

Mom’s side of the family

Father and son

Father and son

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