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The Moon is Pretty Cool—Random Photos of Said Moon

by dav.d

Well, when I haven’t prepared a proper blog post I have some random photographs to blog about. Just to help keep me in the blogging habit. Stupid habits.

Unlike all the sci-fi movies, the moon does not appear very large in the sky. We really need long lenses to capture the moon’s detail.

And if you have lived in Utah or anywhere were pollution accumulates, you may occasionally see a red hue to the moon. I think the book of Revelations says the moon will be blood red for the apocalypse, so my guess is pollution is just practice for the end of the world.

Red moon due to Utah's  pollution, not the apocalypse

Red moon due to Utah’s pollution, not the apocalypse

Some of these photos were created with my small point and shoot cameras. They are great for capturing a photograph when the light is just right and I don’t have my big camera and a tripod ready.

The Moon over Y Mountain

The Moon over Y Mountain

This scene of the moon over turbulant storm clouds is pretty cool. When I first saw the moon it was just starting to asend over the clouds. It was freaking awesome! By the time I had my camera and long lens ready the moon had risen above the clouds, so it wasn’t as cool as 2 minutes before. I guess the Boy Scouts were right when they said to “Be Prepared.”

Moon over turbulent clouds

Moon over turbulent clouds

The downside of being busy is not having enough time for landscape photography. You gotta go hiking for proper landscape photos. And you have to be ready and in place for the light before it happens. So standing on the side of a road with a point and shoot camera doesn’t quite cut it. Like the following photo was just one of those side of the road moments.

Moon over the Wasatch Mountains

Moon over the Wasatch Mountains

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