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Just Two Headshots, Including Me!

by dav.d

It is nice having camera gear at work these days. I get a call or an email for a surprise photo shoot and I can be ready in a few minutes. The company need a headshot of one of their employees. I met the employee down in the atrium and I set up a five foot octabox to light the individual. A big light light like that, really close to the subject, creates a very soft light that makes anyone look their best. I am mixing the existing light of the room with this one light. I think that I what I do very well.

Employee headshot Employee headshot

Since I had the light already up, and we were done very quickly, I had an assistant take my photograph. The best time to take a photograph is today. It’s all down hill from today. Wink.

dav.d's headshot dav.d’s headshot

At work I do a lot of my own retouching. The official retoucher is often swamped with a ton of projects and little items like this are no problem for me to edit and deliver. Often in the same day.

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