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Headshots with John

by dav.d

Everyone needs a current headshot. I’ve created several headshots of myself this past year because I keep changing my hair color.

John needed a new headshot and we shot in the afternoon when the lighting would be great for the spot we picked. I’m mixing the light in the room with lighting I bring.

John's headshot
John’s headshot

We photographed in both directions for two completely different backgrounds. With the right lens, the background is blurred out and is very interesting. But it doesn’t compete with the main subject.

John's headshot
John’s headshot

Just a little time in Photoshop, and “voila!” we have perfect headshots for John.

Behind the scenes of a headshot photo shoot
Behind the scenes of a headshot photo shoot

Behind the Scenes

Here’s a behind the scenes view for the headshot. I’m using a big light to make John look awesome. The bigger the light, the softer the light. I’m also mixing it with the light in the atrium. So it’s a mix of natural light and strobe light.

My typical headshot session is about 20 minutes and people get about 3 edited photos and they have the other unedited photos as well.

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