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Chowen Family Portraits Near Park City

by dav.d

The Chowen family has roots in Bountiful, Utah. Like many families they started to spread out across the country, some as far as Hawaii. They were fortunate in summer of 2012 to get together near Park City at a large lodge home to hang out for 2 weeks. During that time they had me come out and create some family portraits.

The location of the lodge was beautiful. There are aspen trees, wooded areas, a creek with a tree bridge over it. We found one area to photograph the whole family with aspen trees as the background and then we would break into smaller family units. We would photograph grandma with the grandkids, individual people, and any number of combinations. Because children are involved we move quickly and we don’t spend forever taking photographs. We start with everyone and then rotate the families.

Family portraits in the woods

Family portrait with 20+ people

Grandma with her grandkids

Grandma and her grandkids

Fun family portrait of the grandkids

Time for a “fun photo”

Immediate family

Mom and immediate family

Mom with daughter and daughter-in-laws

Mom, daughter, and daughter-n-laws.

Being Utah there are spots like this through out the state. Pretty close driving distance to most communities. I would love to use these spots for portraits. I recommend most family photo shoots last no more than 40 minutes. Kid’s attention span is short and easily lost. Picking one location and then working it quickly is the key to success. I brought my studio lighting so I can photograph non-stop without waiting for a battery to recharge.

Extended family portrait

Closer photograph of the large family

When we moved the family to the river there were a ton of flying insects. They actually look cool with the sunlight. Once the sun set the insects became invisible and gave a very different look to the family photographs.

Family Portrait by the river

Sitting on a log bridge over a river

Last year I had a personal record in photographing families. And hopefully that trend continues. Families are great to work with!

Family Portrait

Family portrait captures family personality

Family portrait during twilight

Family portrait at twilight

Mom and dad portrait

Mom and dad get their own portrait

Photograph the individual families

Photographing the Individual Families

Individual portrait

Some wanted individual portraits

brother and sister portrait

Brother and sister get their portraits

Dad and the kids

Dad and kids

Individual portrait

Individual portrait

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