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Back from Arizona and Visiting Family & Baby Benjamin

by dav.d

I’m back from a weekend in Arizona! The Utah part of the family went down to visit family in Arizona and meet the newest nephew/grandchild Benjamin! He is a cutie and he has a family that loves him! I will be posting more photographs from his first photo shoot at a later date.

We are missing 4 people. One couple decided to go to Disneyland instead of Arizona, go figure. And the other couple are out in North Carolina. Hopefully in a year and a half we can get the whole family together for a group photograph. Maybe I’ll have to do that via Photoshop!

Daniels and Bush Family, it's most of my family!

Daniels and Bush Family, it’s most of my family!

Here a preview photo of Benjamin. We did an impromptu baby photo shoot in their living room. Full time baby photographers prefer to photograph babies in the first week or two of birth. The babies sleep more and are a bit more poseable. Since Benjamin was already a month old we were out of that window but we did a pretty good job. I’ll have more photos to share when they are edited. He is a cutie.

Baby Benjamin at one month

Baby Benjamin at one month

I am certainly thankful for a wonderful family and road trips like these are bonding moments I’ll treasure for ever. And thanks to my camera, I’ll have images to last forever!

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