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Autumn Portrait Season is Around the Corner

by dav.d

Autumn is around the corner and that means the changing of the leaves to yellow, orange, and red. Gone will be the boring green. I’m sure others are also excited for Pumpkin Spice everything else. But for photographers, it means autumn portrait sessions!

Hunter Family Portrait in Provo Canyon
Autumn leaves for the Hunter family portraits

We have photos that I created for the Hunter family a few years ago. Yes, I know I am late in posting photos but I’ve come to terms that I have way too many photos to share and that blogging is a bit of a challenge for me.

They’re still great photographs!

Individual portraits

It’s important to get your individual photos as well. People will often not see the need for individual photos. After all, the family is more than just one person. We’re getting family photo! Well, it’s a good idea of having a portrait of dad, mom, son, and even daughter. This way you can update your LinkedIn, Tinder, or Facebook profiles and you don’t have to explain which person you are in a group photograph.

Family on a bridge in autumn
Family on a bridge in autumn

Bridges are a lot of fun for family portraits. They can create some leading lines for the eye to follow. In this case the bridge helps frame the family. And it blends well with the yellow autumn leaves.

Family on a bridge in autumn
Family on a bridge in autumn
Family on a bridge in autumn
Family on a bridge in autumn

I am completely open to create family portraits. We don’t have to bunch everyone together, and if we have Mount Timpanogos behind us with rain clouds, let’s go for the dramatic photo. I have a very tall light stand and it still barely reached the height we needed for this photo, but it sure is cool!

Family portrait in front of a mountain
Creative family portrait in front of Mount Timpanogos

So if you want family portraits this autumn, let me know. The canyons will start changing first and then they move down to the valley.

Family portraits with autumn leaves
Family portraits with autumn leaves

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