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A Week of Headshot Photography

by dav.d

Winter is supposed to be a slow time for photographers, however, it has been pretty busy and at times perhaps overwhelmingly so. With time management—and avoiding wasting time on social media—I can get things done. Yay!

I had several headshots to shoot this week. The first headshot was a test photo for a project at the day job. That project my stay secret for a while, if not forever, so I’ll just share Tyler’s test shot. I was able to try out a nice bit of new gear that adds a sparkle to the eyes and fills in the shadows. It gives a different look.

Tyler's headshot was a test

Tyler’s headshot was a test

The next headshot was an “emergency headshot.” People change positions at work and sometimes that involves an emailed announcement to the company. So I photographed Lisa within a few minutes of her request. I’m glad there’s camera gear on site these days. It makes my job easier and a lot less travel to haul in camera gear from home.

Lisa's headshot for an email announcement

Lisa’s headshot for an email announcement

I photographed Eddie because he is a new director at Nu Skin. We have some cool architecture at work, and that makes photography fun, and sometimes challenging. It would be awesome to have a pure photo studio, but a building with lots of windows can be helpful as well.

Eddie's headshot at work

Eddie’s headshot at work

Evita’s headshot was a little bit of a redo. We weren’t satisfied with her first headshots a few months ago, so we reshot them at different location, different outfits, and different lighting. Sometimes, I can just do better as a photographer. I’ll admit I have made mistakes, and will make mistakes in the future. The good thing is, I can change and fix the mistakes. Stuff happens, it is how we deal with it that defines us.

Evita's Headshot in outfit 2 and portrait orientation

Evita’s Headshot in outfit 2 and portrait orientation

We also shot different out fits for Evita. For my headshots package, and virtually any of my photo shoots, you are welcome to change to as many outfits as time permits. I don’t put a rule on outfit changes. We’re just budgeted by time.

Evita's Headshot in outfit 1

Evita’s Headshot in outfit 1

This is a preview photo of Nathan’s headshots. We shot these on Pierpont Avenue in Salt Lake City, which is an awesome photo shoot location. I love that street with all the different textures. Shooting after work hours means were out of people’s hair and we shouldn’t be bothering or bothered.

A preview of Nathan's headshot

A preview of Nathan’s headshot

And when Scott found out we were doing a headshot he and Erin, his boss, came down for their own headshots. I usually photograph Nu Skin employees once a year, but sometimes I can make exceptions.

Erin's headshot

Erin’s headshot

Scott's employee headshot

Scott’s employee headshot

And here is a collage of my lighting setups. I keep things simple with one light and sometimes a reflector. This makes me pretty portable. So in the case of photographing on the street or a city, I just have one light to move around. And at work, I have access to a cart to roll things around. That is a lifesaver.

Behind the scenes of my headshots

Behind the scenes of my headshots

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