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A Before & After of a Spartan Warrior Photoshop Composite

by dav.d

Such a busy weekend! One of the days was used to catch up on some movies in the theaters, the other day was used to edit a ton of photographs for an upcoming cookbook and an upcoming calendar. Lot’s of fun on both days to be sure. And in all of that I found time to create a Photoshop composite of a mighty Spartan warrior.

This is a before and after comparison of my magic in the land of Photoshop. The warrior was photographed by my during the 4th of July parade in Provo, Utah. I saw him marching along and I thought he would be a perfect candidate for a Photoshop makeover. I wish he wasn’t wearing basketball shorts, but I minimized the look of the shorts for the final product.

Before and After of a Spartan Warrior

Before and After of a Spartan Warrior

Granted he looks a bit happy to be a Spartan warrior, but maybe he is greeting his comrades in arms after a successful day at the gym. In either case I am please with the result.

For those that might care, the background is part stock photograph for the castle and the clouds are a photograph I created last week during an overcast day. I carry a camera around for occasions just like overcast weather so I can add the subject to Photoshop.

There is an upcoming Comic Con in Salt Lake City. It would be a ton of fun to photograph people in their costumes and then add them to various backgrounds in Photoshop. Could be cool.

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