Welcome to dav.d photography

Hey! It's a photography website! I am a photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I try to update the website as much as I can. It contains a fraction of my photography to date. 

Feel free to follow me on Instagram for some professional photos and for snapshots. I share things I think are cool or funny. It is a big hodgepodge but it gets more attention than my website. 

I don't specialize in one type of photography either. I shoot some portraits, weddings, food photography, landscapes, and more. 

Happy New Year in 2018!

A new year can be a chance for a new beginning. I’ve set about 20 goals or New Year resolutions. We’ll see how that ...

Photographing Children

Our Services

  • Everyone needs an amazing portrait that captures a person's personality. I photograph everything from simple headshots to lifestyle portraiture. Great lighting and a fun atmosphere lead to great moments captured on camera.

  • Now that gay marriage is legal everyone seems to be getting married. You need a great wedding photographer. I've photographed in Park City, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and California... and that is just the start. Your wedding day should be unique and beautiful and I would love to capture those memories for you.

  • I don't cook but I have photographed two cookbooks, the menus for several restaurants, and recipes for local food bloggers. Great lighting and styling make or break food photography. I've got the lighting and I am working on the styling.

Meet the Photographer



dav.d is a portrait photographer but dabbles in food photography and wedding photography. Photography is his second job and full time love/hobby. He almost always has a camera with him..